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Dungeon Defense: Crypt Edition is a unique spin on the tower defense strategy game designed from the ground up specifically for the iPhone / iPod Touch.

Command the evil Dungeon king's army of skeleton minions, an undead force intent on stopping hordes of treasure seeking heroes from looting the dungeon crypt.  Place your skeleton mobs strategically.  Select each upgrade carefully.  Increase each undead soldier's power when you need it...but don't spend all of the treasure you are trying to protect.

Every time a hero falls you earn gold to build your army into an unstoppable force.  Battle through twenty-five rounds, defeating wave after wave of ever more powerful heroes, until all your enemies have been vanquished and you stand victorious.  Let them kill your king, and you will know the sting of defeat.

*Unique Tower Defense gameplay where you control the instance.
*Command chaotic battle scenes with melee attacks and unique spells *Many weapon types including: battle axes, bow and arrows, swords, staffs, etc *Freezing / frost, fire, posion, lightning and other spells
*9 unique heros including rogues, knights, and mages
*3 types of skeleton minions / mobs
*Special abilities for each minion type
*190 waves of heros
*25 rounds

iTunes Link -

DungeonDefense website link -

Dungeon Defense 1.1 now has 3 maps total, with each a pretty much completely different way to play.

Also scoring for each difficulty level for each map.

Map 2 (Map three on the select screen)

Map 3 (now the first map in the story)


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