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Author Topic: Steampunk Styled Nixie Clock with 6 IN-14 Tubes, RTC, RGB LEDs and Vintage Bulbs  (Read 6599 times)
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« on: April 10, 2015, 01:33:01 PM »

Hi Guys,

My Name is Thomas, I'm a mechanical engineer and CAD Developer from Germany.
Last Christmas Santa brought me an Arduino starter set and I thought about what I could use it for.
I always like Nixie clocks and when I found the Arduinix, I started this project.

On eBay I found a vintage box with nice compact dimensions and a high top cover which seemed fit very good.

I wanted to combine the clock with a desk light and also added two small e14 vintage light bulbs.
There are RGB LEDs under each Tube and two additional LEDs underneath some gear-wheels.
The color of the LEDs can be controlled via 3 switches, the additional 3-way-switch toggles the display of the current time or date.

There is a micro switch which is toggled by the box cover to completely shut it off when closing.
A battery powered RTC module keeps the time while the box is closed.

The two knobs on each side control the brightness of the LEDs and the light bulbs.

Check out this video for more details including a little "animation" I added when the tubes are activated:

It all went pretty smooth thanks to all the great threads I found in this forum.
I'd like to thank you all for describing your great projects and how you managed to realize them.



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