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Folks, people have been asking me how my solder station is set up, and so here is a thread about it.

This solder station started out as a big heavy metal plate from a Forox studio animation camera lens plate.  I drilled and tapped it for threading the bolts from the Panavise Jr, and then used the holes in the other end to pass bolts through to the Thirdhand alligator clip setup.  I had to drill and tap the base of the third hand to suit the bolts.

The solder reel holder is a setup attached to the thirdhand.  It consists of a bolt with the head of the bolt clamped into the thirdhand, and the solder on a brass tube between the bolt, nut, and outer nut.

The plates on either side of the solder reel keep the reel in place, and hold the upper brass tube, which keeps my solder line from being tangled about the unit.

The metal plate already had a giant hole cut into it, and three threaded holes for mounting bolts (Which gave me the idea for this rig in the first place), but these were not quite the right spacing for the Panavise. So I drilled and tapped new ones for mounting the Panavise over the big hole.

Here are the bolts that hold the thirdhand and solder reel setup onto the plate.  These were already here, but I had to drill and tap the thirdhand base to accept bolts through these holes.

If you folks have any other questions, feel free to ask!


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