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Title: 2 bulb clock
Post by: philgrocks on March 21, 2014, 06:23:28 PM

I am using the ArduiNIX and an Arduino YUN (It has a network co-processor) and with that I am able to get network time.  The Nixie clock self sets itself and also adjusts for DST/PST automatically.

I separated out the anodes for the two tubes so I could shut off a tube in the case where the leading digit of the hour is Zero.

I added floor lighting using 2n2222 transistors and blue LEDs.   Controllable as well by the software.

The display sends out  HOURS -> MINUTES -> Pause -> MONTH -> DAY -> YEAR -> Pause and repeat.

The code will turn off the display at night.

Here is the code for the Arduino YUN, enjoy

Code attached... Enjoy

Title: Re: 2 bulb clock
Post by: netflow on December 15, 2014, 01:48:34 PM
Very slick.   

Does the yun use wireless or do you have an ethernet cable for NTP?